X-stream Gateway

From one X-stream to another

Let the data flow and your business grow

The X-stream product by Open GI is really impressive. It allows you to pass data into your Open GI system. It could allow you to pass data from your website and create prospects and even policies in real-time, but it can require a little implementation and what if your website is already able to output data but not in the X-stream format or what if you have tens of thousands of records in a legacy system or a system you are winding down or have inherited or you just have thousands of prospects on an Excel Spreadsheet? Well that's where OMNIX's X-stream Gateway comes in.

Import Data into OGI

Simply yet powerful API

Our SOAP API allows you to pass data in XML format from any source, directly into Open GI's Advanced Prospect Management system in real-time or schedule it's import for a specific day and time.

3 core operations

Prospect or full proposal data into APM, Convert to Brooms then Pay Brooms for full live policy creation.

Full data migration

Switching from one back-office solution to OGI? Use X-stream Gateway to transfer 1000s of records in seconds.

Avoid Re-keying

Lead data

Take your lead data, captured online, at an event or show and import it straight into OGI without the need to re-key.

Saving time and money

Time is money, having someone sat typing away all day, entering your prospects into your APM system, is not cost effective.

Data accuracy

Import the data as it was captured at source, without introducing small errors during the re-key stage.


Data conversion

With the ability to configure your OGI Frames and Fields, you can map your inbound data perfectly into your OGI system.

Real-time or any-time

You have complete control when your data is imported. Real-time, or scheduled to specific times of the day or even queuing the data to avoid weekends or evenings.

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Customer Testimonial

Many years ago, we approached OMNIX to discuss how we might migrate a large quantity of insurance data into OPEN GI. The minds at OMNIX came up with the XStream Gateway, and we’ve been using it ever since to transfer thousands of policies and insurance leads into our OPEN GI system – it’s an incredibly useful and flexible system.
Darragh Coffey – Group IT Manage – Patrona Underwriting