OMNIX Policy Underwriting System

How OPUS can help your insurance business

OPUS frees you from the baggage that accompanies many of today's legacy insurance administration systems.

As an insurance intermediary, you are probably familiar with the established client adminstration systems; they offer a wide range of built-in features and functionality, many of which are rarely required by some brokers. Many of these systems have evolved over 30 years and have been adapted, as far as they can be, to handle the 'new technology' of the 21st century.

The insurance business has changed out of all recognition during that time and the back-office system requirements of most insurance brokers have similarly moved on. Specialist intermediaries, perhaps with broker-to-broker facilities, self-issue delegated underwriting authority - from a system point of view, these place enormous demands on the scope and flexibility of a broker's administration system.

It was with these types of specialist brokers, MGA's, intermediaries and niche insurers in mind that OPUS was created. OPUS is designed for staff who are familiar with the main web browsers. The OPUS navigation, search facilities and layout will be similarly familiar and has an easy, intuitive design.


Manage Languages and Translations

With its capability to set international languages according to your needs, OPUS enables brokers, MGA's and insurers to manage their overseas agents, clients and contacts with ease.

For example, if your company is based in the UK and you're operating in France, OPUS will facilitate the management of your overseas business by engaging with your clients in their own, local language.

Any Language

OPUS can be set to operate in any number of languages, depending upon our clients' requirements. Currently OPUS is operational in English, French and Spanish and this has enabled UK-based insurance brokers to extend their potential into European insurance markets and beyond.

Professional Translation Available

Through our established relationship with professional translation partners, OMNIX can help with any translation requirements you might previously have considered a restriction on growing your business internationally.


A Snapshot in Time

OPUS has the rare, if not unique ability to take you back to a specific moment in the lifetime of any current or lapsed insurance policy.

Trace the History of Any Policy

Removing the need to trawl through complex audit logs, OPUS provides auditors with the ability to review the history of any insurance policy from its initial prospect stage right through to current or even lapsed status.

Historical Documentation

As well as providing a snapshot in time in the life cycle of insurance policies, OPUS stores copies of its associated, contemporaneous documentation.

Customer/ Broker/ Underwriter

Whichever Hat You Wear

OPUS can be deployed as a single system with the ability to present different services and functionality for Brokers, MGA's and their clients.

Broker / MGA's

With a comprehensive suite of features designed to make life easier for Brokers and MGA's alike, OPUS enables its users to manage their brokers, contacts, clients and prospects with speed and ease.

Looking After Your Customers

OPUS is a full self-service system, with a customer dashboard enabling your customers to manage their mid-term adjustments, renewals and claims reporting themselves. With an inbuilt messaging service, OPUS allows your customers to communicate directly with your staff through the system.

Sanctions Search

OPUS uses Professional Offices' Sanctions Search to help protect your business

Every policy that goes through OPUS is checked against the HM Treasury Sanctions List via the Sanctions Search API, giving you instant sanctions check results and confidence that it's the right customer for you.

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Customer Testimonial

We chose OPUS for many reasons but primarily because of the sheer flexibility of implementation. With OPUS, OMNIX provides a single integrated policy administration system that provides us, our brokers, and our customers a single holistic solution. Allowing international customers, in their native language, New Business, Mid Term Adjustment and Renewals in a completely self-service environment is a game-changer.
Anja Cantillon - CEO - LRMS and Pet Business Insurance Ltd